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Welcome to Seva Prayas Foundation


About Us:

The fight for a small girl, to stop child marriage by Linkan Subudhi in Noida, took her to the mouth of death in the year 2013. Always inspired by and worked for AID-Noida, Linkan Subudhi became more determined for her mission towards the education for all children and getting all the rights for each and every child that an Indian Child should. “Attack can’t deter me or my mission” she said. She recovered and came out of hospital and decided to work for her birth place Odisha first and then other part of the country. She started her work from the day one she came back ignoring the brain Hemorrhage condition and went for Flood relief work in Balasore. She decided to make a team first and move on. Few young mass came ahead to join her work. They started mobilizing the young mass to be an active citizen and stop the social evils forced on each and every child, they moved on socializing the young mass for taking the responsibility of society along with their own life and family life.

After few months team decided to register the group as Seva Prayas Foundation (SPF) 11th April 2014 under Trust Act of India as followed on the path of volunteering service of AID-Noida . . Seva Prayas Foundation is a registered non-profit organization in India with Trust computerised I.D. No. 1131403316 and Registration no. 41131403010, dtd 11/4/2014.  SPF mission is to free all children in Odisha from the social evils enforced on them. Reasons may be thousand but the vision is clear to set the future of every child Free for their Rights. With a passion in the heart and strong desire for meaningful contribution to the society, a group of youngsters (business professional, students, employed and self employed etc) have continued an endeavor to help grow children with prime focus on education without any social evil to spoil their childhood.

SPF is a volunteer driven social organization and managed by a group of volunteers and few renowned expert Advisors from different background. Since its inception, its prime focus is to save children from Child Labor and Child Marriage and complete the quality education as much desired. To stop Child marriages in the society SPF works in Action as required mode. Starting from street plays and short play till rescuing child from marriage and assure for the rehabilitation with continuation of education. To create awareness among children and parents about the good touch & bad touch SPF has designed a presentation. To stop child marriage and child labor SPF has set examples like Awareness program in Angul and action to stop a girls marriage in 2015. Similarly program and action was also taken in Aug 2015 Bhubaneswar and Jan 2016 in Nayagarh.

To stop social evils in the society it is not enough to sensitize parents or children only, so in order to save the Child Rights in the society, SPF started motivating Young mass of the society to act as an Active Citizen first. As the major group of Indian population today is the youth. So rather than getting misguided by the corruption and evil minds in the community SPF has joined hands to share sessions of Active Citizenship Program designed by UNFPA in several slums, villages and colleges. SPF has formed a volunteer group for Traffic awareness as “Road Angels-BBSR” actively working with coordination and directed by Commissionerate Police, BBSR-CTC, inspired by the Road-Angels, Delhi. SPF has been sharing the pain and emotions of every women to stay strong fighter with a big SMILE and has been celebrating International Women’s Day since 2014 and organizing several pre sports and completion events in the slum, villages and colonies of Odisha. Identifying grass root social reformers SPF has felicitated the womanhood. To make girls a fighter for themselves, self defense classes and training are being imparted with the name of “Pratiraksha”. Similarly slum sensitization sessions have been planned along with local Police station team.

SPF is working in a team of Trustees, Advisors & 50+ Volunteers altogether working round the clock hrs in more than 3 districts of Odisha and as required for any district or state based on the cases.

SPF Projects/Activities:

  1. Child Wing:
    1.  C3-CRAC: Child Rights Awareness for counseling and imparting awareness sessions.
    2. C3-CRAC PratiRaksha Caravan... Coming Soon
    3. Special sessions on Good Touch & Bad Touch are imparted in schools and shelter homes
    4. Rescue operation , medication and rehabilitation of unwanted child thrown on the street corners
    5. Facilitator for medication and rehabilitation of rape victims
    6. Nagada 5-14 yrs children’s education support is on going
    7. Nalconagar Basti 5-14 yrs children’s personal development  weekend activities
    8. Aanand Aashram shelter Home children’s personal development  weekend activities
    9. School & Institution level classroom awareness campaign and interactive sessions for mentoring children and regular follow up is done.


  1. Women Wing:
    1. Pratiraksha: Self Defense classes to fight at any point of time a girl/woman in any situation.
    2. Facilitator for women tortured by domestic violence
    3. Women’s Car rally and several games and competitions on the international Women’s day
    4. “Kalinga Biraangana” Award introduced on the eve of celebration of International Women’s Day
    5. Family counseling sessions on managing domestic disturbances and livelihoods
    6. Awareness sessions on Sexual Harassment at workplace & households
  2. Youth Wing:
    1. Road Angels: Traffic Volunteers controlling and creating awareness in Bhubaneswar traffic system
    2. Self employment skill development sessions
    3. Referral job openings known around
    4. Youth Orientation: Awareness sessions as per Active Citizenship Program designed by UNFPA, a program of Youth & Sports Deptt.
    5. Mid-knight rescue operations during emergencies like Sum Hospital fire-out etc
  3. Senior Citizen Wing
    1. Baagbaan-D 2nd Innings:   Coming Soon.
  4. Environment Wing
    1. Parivesh:  
      1. “Swachh Bharat”, a central govt initiative is going on in several areas.
      2. “Jeevan Bandhu” is organized as a blood donation and Tree plantation program

SPF Org Tree:


  • Smt Ahalya Subudhi
  • Miss Linkan Subudhi
  • Mr Chinmoy Pradhan

Advisory Board:

Director cum Chief Advisor: Smt Namrata Chadha

Legal Advisors: Adv Asim Amitav Das

Contribution to a cause:

  • Event Sponsorship
  • Project Sponsorship
  • Team Kitty
  • Service as a helping hand in volunteering:  online or on ground

****Financial Support can be through Cash/Cheque/Online Transaction.


Contact Us:

Call/Text/Whatsapp on Mobile:  +919861037733

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